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We're birthin' a house!

August 31, 2016

We had been looking for the right house to officially launch FORM.  While we'd been in various parts of construction for years, this was different.  We were venturing into something my husband, Paul, had dreamed of for 9 years.  I know exactly where we were when I asked him what his dream job would be.  At the time we were spending days and weeks in Nashville while our daughter, Hillary, was in the early stages of recovery from traumatic brain injury. (Don't EVER text and drive!)   I was consulting with Vanderbilt Trauma to launch their beautiful Vanderbilt Trauma Survivors Network and considering moving there.  Nashville friends had asked me, "What does Paul want to do in construction moving forward?"  I was surprised by his answer when I asked him.  He said, "I want to renovate homes.  It doesn't require a lot of inventory and that appeals to me.  But what I really like about rehabbing is that it forces me to push myself creatively.  You can't just throw something up because you like it.  You are somewhat bound by the bones of the house from the start."   


And believe me.....we've seen a lot of "bones" since then!  Some of them outside of the houses.  Yep, we've stepped over a dead animal or two in search for the right houses!  But with few exceptions, we found a way to make every house we perused a spectacular improvement of it's former "self!".


So now I get it:  Saving houses is a noble and exciting pursuit.  And 428 Harahan Boulevard is our first official FORM Home.  We were in love when we opened the front door and we made an offer 15 minutes later. She's fantastic!  Though just as life can be occasionally with our own loved ones, sometimes it's been a little hard to like her.  But the love never ends.  Oh, she's certainly resisted our changes now and then.  But since moving into this next phase of renovation, we've made peace with each other.  And together, (the house and our FORM Team), we've created something special. 


And as soon as we can, we''ll walk you through the steps of 428 Harahan Blvd.--what we call "Modern Farmhouse .  You'll get a pretty good idea of what it's like in the first phase of renovating a turn-of-the-century coal fired house by the image below.  This may be the moment we began our unofficial FORM, Inc. bi-line:  "Hey, it could be worse!" 


This is what demolition on a turn-of-the century coal fired house looks like.  

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