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FORMing our house into a home

November 13, 2016

The closer we get to the finish line on 428 Harahan Boulevard, the more I think about the families who loved her before we knew her.  Through every step of this renovation I hope those who lived here long ago feel we've honored them by transforming their house back into a home.




It's humbling to feel a part of the history of this house. It feels as though we are kindred spirits with the families who, no doubt, had many of the same hopes and dreams as we do today.


Looking back through the images right after demo reminds me how hard this FORM Team has worked. And to their credit, they are energized and ready for the next one.  While we aren't quite ready for our coming out party, in just a few weeks we will show this same gallery with before and after transformations.  



We really feel at home here on Harahan Boulevard. So stay tuned for the next one coming soon.  For now, it just helps our team to remind ourselves how far we've come. With the 2016 elections behind us, (and so many in our country "unhinged" over the results), we could use the distraction. Who knows? Maybe peeling back and demoing a few things in our country, then rehabbing it back to something even better might just be a good idea. And let's hope we remember our past and the framers who built her, while finding some new and better ways for all of us.





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